quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2010

New stories in Argentina

You see that you love someone when you like even his little details. You see that you love a city when you like even its elevators. Im just in love with the language. Castellano is sweet. There are words that make me smile. Others make me laugh a lot. This does not happen with English. Part of it is because Portuguese is similar with Spanish so many words are similar but this little diference sounds really interesting and funny for a Brazilian. The same happens when I say the words in Portuguese to them. They smile and it seems they like more the Brazilian way. Viva the differences! This is just very attractive... To speak Portuguese here is a quality, its a plus. People here love it.
Women here take so much care of themselves that I feel embarassed for not doing the same. Competition between women is high, when I'm out I see the women looking at me, at the way I dress ( travelling so nothing really special) and it seems that the girls spend all their money with make up, hairdressers and clothes... I've heard they watch a lot of T.V. so want to look like the actresses. Lol. Reminds me of somewhere... jajajaja

Yesterday I felt like I was in a movie. I was walking around with my friend Nahuel and we stopped in a square. Its in a beautiful area called Retiro wich is very near a BICHA( favela, guetto) that is here... The rich part has a lot of policeman looking after it, to keep the dangerous poor people away... I saw for the first time, children who sleep on the streets and poorer people that I had not seen on the touristic areas yet. I felt a bit scared specially with all the stories Ive heard of people who were robbed in Retiro. I know Im from a big city but its always more scaring to see homeless and drug adicts from other countries. Those people from my city already look familiar to me, I know the kind of dirty and few clothes they wear, I know their hairstyle. But in Argentina I do not know, but if I live here one day I will also know how to recognize them.

So sitting near the park we decided to walk ahead. I looked up and saw three guys that seemed a bit weird to me, the way they were walking and looking around made my internal alarm ring. I said to my friend: dont you think they look weird? Lets walk back, and my Argentinian friend agreed. After 3 minutes we were surrounded by aroudn 8 police cars who run into the guys direction checking them and the area around them, looking for drugs, guns or who knows what... I dont know if someone was scaried and thought they were suspicious and called the police or if they had done something wrong, but there were maybe 7 or 8 police cars who stopped in different angles of the square so they would not be able to run away... I felt as in an American police movie.

There is more to come but few time to write...

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