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Inquietude en Argentina

( versao em portugues é só me pedir que mando por e-mail)

Buenos dias amigos! Gracias por estar en mi blog....
As you see, Ive been speaking Castellano... I bet I actually speak Portuñol but the important thing is that people here understand me and... They say I speak well Castellano.
Well, Buenos Aires knows how to massage my ego. My friends who were here before already had told me this... My beautiful friend Marcele once told me: Marcela, if you are with low self-estime and few money, go to Buenos Aires !
She was right!
The men here know how to say what the women like to hear. And they are not shy at all. While walking on the street I hear a lot of things such as : You are the best, reina de Brasil ( queen of Brazil), dá-me tu telefóno ( give me your number) etc
On the beggining I felt like I was Shakira but after 1 week here I already got used to it, have been followed by some old men ( here they call them viejos verdes, I think it means old and pervert ) and met few Argentinians who are sweet and gentleman.
I even fell in love. But as the Argentinian men say a lot of things just to please you ( I forgot the word for it... I think its chamuxero..)
Ive decided that I should keep my travelling and discovering myself and new places... Im heading to Chile, I found a loco like me who is travelling the world and we are going to do camping in parks in Chile and couchsurfing ( my money is less than the budget) and possibly come back to Buenos Aires passing by some cities such as Bariloche on the way back.

I want to live in Buenos Aires. I admit it. The city breath culture and arts, I love the European arquiteture and the food is yummi too! The people are beautiful, well dressed and there are much more native people interested in culture than in Rio de Janeiro... I feel like staying here and studying arts and literature. And as always, I will do what I feel like doing. hahaha
Thats me. Dreaming and realizing. I dont know when though. I have a project to finish in Rio de Janeiro ( getting my degree to become a Portuguese/ English/ Literature teacher this year) then I will be free to go anywhere I want. And despite the fact that I was thinking about some other countries where I could make real money, I think staying here for 6 months or one year would be a great experience also. I would like to study Castellano just to say to myself that Im speaking castellano and not portuñol. I would like to learn the local culture, explore this beautiful country and learn what they have to teach me. My process already started and I already feel Ive changed. Ive been feeling melancholic and nostalgic here, I think my feeling for the Argentinian one helped me to be on this mood but I cannot blame it on him... The city is romantic and make me dream, the men are handsome and I like their style, and yes, they say all the right things... I already got flowers, met a tango dancer from Russia, danced tango myself, saw beautiful places, tried yummi food, praticed a new language until my head hurt, felt that there is someone here that could make me want to be serious and exclusive his... Hahaha
Look at me, feeling things that I have not felt since so long ago that scary me out of here ! I did not go to a boliche ( club) because I feel like being a good girl. Dammit, those sweet words together with beauty, style and intelectus are impressing me for real! Lol
But as a good backpacker, will take my backpack ( now in a new style, bought the flags of the countries that Ive been too and need to find someone to glue it to me ) and will keep my journey of discovering the world and myself, until the moment I find someone who is all I want but also convince me to stay...
I feel that inquietude, that feeling that makes you want to do something, discover something, scream! I dont know why I feel this but... This feeling is welcome in my life! If there is something that will avoid me being an average person is this feeling, and yeah, Im ready to be shaken from inside to outside, and become more beautiful after it...

Smiles from someone who is discovering and finally valuing my own continent that is has always been here waiting for me. South America, now you are mine too!!!

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  1. wow, you're on a roll! great to know you're making the most of BA :) keep those stories coming and all the best for more exciting times! Saude!


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