quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010


Ive made it to Chile. Took a bus from Mendoza to Santiago, 7 hours in a bus and I was maybe the only one who could not sleep. The Andes is definetly impressing... I was very moved, had never imagined myself crossing those mountains. In the Andes, the loneliness. I did not see a single person or animal on that area. Other than that, there were a few abandoned train rails, a sign that once there was somebody out there but they gave up. In the middle of those dry mountains, some very green lakes. I love South America every day more and now I understand why people come from all over the world to experience it.

Santiago is a nice city but definetly loses to Buenos Aires. Its not very impressive and its way more expensive than Argentina. I spent one night and one day there. I have the feeling that I was in the capital of the heavy metal... The youth seems to find their identity being gothic, I saw some crowded bars in which everyone was wearing black and the men had long hair. The same style that I see in Brazil sometimes, but there in a biggest number of members.

I met my English friend James who will be my travel companion for the next weeks in Chile. At the first I had the feeling we have a lot of differences towards ideology and way of seeing life. thought it would be quite a challenge to travel together and camp together but the result is better than the expected. He is a respectfull person and has a great heart, and I do not imagine myself going to certain places alone... I feel more protected with him and we spend a lot of time talking about everything ( he talks more than anyone I know so that can be a bit hard sometimes) . together we went to Conception and are now in Pucon.

Conception was an interesting small town. Chile does not look like Latin America at all. Reminds me of Europe. The summer here is cold, I had to buy a new jacket... And the people are not much my type of beauty... I saw maybe 2 guys that I thought were good looking and Im not even sure if they are Chilenos! lol

Its being worth it to do such a journey for the reason that first, Im getting to know myself better, yesterday I hiked 4 hours in such a fast speed and Im out of shape but I proved myself that Im capable, and now Im here typing with such a pain everywhere... Lol

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