quinta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2007

Traveling the North East of Brazil- Pipa- Rio Grande do Norte/Brasil

Pipa is just amazing. White sands beaches, warm temperature of the sea. Delicious and perfect to relax, in the middle of all this nature and beauty you dream that life can be perfect.

Not only by the 'elite' ( I mean the rich people) this place was chosen. It was also chosen by the nature. There are friendly dolphins swimming on the Baía dos Golfinhos- The access is only walking, about half an hour from this beach of the picture.

I had a wonderful experience when I went there for the first time, natives had told me that the dolphins come very close to people but I didn't believe, only when I saw one jumping one playing about 5 metros of distance of us I believed. It was so exciting, so special, I was about to cry seen how the nature is beautiful and perfect. It was also one of the most romantics moments with my boyfriend. I'm sorry but I didn't take a picture, I was actually more concerned about enjoying the moment- I think you guys can understand me! lol

Not only by dolphins and beautiful people Pipa is famous. The turtles also chose the city to lay ( to spawn) their eggs on the rocks. They are protected by the IBAMA and projeto TAMAR, Brazilian organizations to preserve our extinct animals. I could see some pictures of baby turtles and it was really cute!

A beautiful peculiarity of the place is that all the beaches are surrounded by cliffs. So to go to any beach you need to find the stairs. Or jump, but it's a little bit high if you don't know how to fly... ;)

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  1. Olá marcela!! como vc está aí em paramaribo?mande-nos noticias! bjus

  2. Eu postei em inglês por que... Eu sou metida mesmo! rs
    Na verdade eu gosto de postar em inglês por que tenho muitos amigos abroad e a maioria dos meus amigos no Brasil falam inglês, that's why...
    E é sempre bom treinar o inglês né! Cada dia aprendendo mais com meus erros. Valeu, beijão


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