quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2007

Chapada da Diamantina-Bahia/ BraSil

I'd heard wonderful things about Chapada da Diamantina. And I'd seen some pictures that made me dream about going there. So I suggested Tom this destiny. He accepted immediately after reading on his guide book about Brèsil. ;)

We took a night bus from Salvador and it took 5 hours to arrive at the city Lençóis. I was really very happy that for the first time on this journey that we have been doing together in Brazil I was able to sleep on the bus. All the other times it was a nightmare because I couldn't sleep while I was seeing everybody sleeping with their mouths opened...

Well, the place is a small paradise. The name Diamantina comes from diamonds, since the place was explored until 1995 until the government forbid it. It was too bad to the nature and I'm sure it was the best decision!

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